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"Apex Focus Tuition Centre helps your child from Grade 3 to master the much needed topics and in the transition to secondary school. The confidence your child will have in knowing they are well prepared for any exam they might sit, in addition, will ensure your child achieve his or her full potential."

"Thereafter, imparts the support across a variety of subjects topics to assist to consolidate and improve our students' indivdual subject skills."

Since we travel to your home for tuition, learning is made as comfortable as much as possible.

Tuition is also offered to all University/college (tertiary) maths and science related modules being offered-N1-N6 Maths, Engineering Maths, Mechanics, Physical and Organic Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Food Science.

Pure Maths - Duration: 1h 30mins
Maths Lit. - Duration: 1h 30mins
Physics - Duration: 1h 30mins
Geography - Duration: 1h 30mins
Accounts and Finance - Duration: 1h 30mins
History - Duration: 1h 30mins
Economics - Duration: 1h 30mins
Computers - Duration: 1h 30mins
Languages - Duration: 1h 30mins
Business Studies - Duration: 1h 30mins
Accounts - Duration: 1h 30mins
Engineering Maths N1-6 - Duration: 1h 30mins
Mechanics - Duration: 1h 30mins
Physical Chemistry - Duration: 1h 30mins
Organic Chemistry - Duration: 1h 30mins
Biology - Duration: 1h 30mins
Microbiology - Duration: 1h 30mins
Food Science - Duration: 1h 30mins
Jonson Park
Associate Professor

No compensation will be done if u miss/cancel a lesson. Compensation can be done if a lesson has been missed/cancelled from our side.

You are also allowed to add more days, in the event your package days were not enough and there is a need to do so.

Take note that one lesson will have a minimum of 1.5 hours duration, and no lesser than that.

In the event u want one hour duration, u can do so but u will pay for 1.5 hours(or the hours according to the package and schedule).

To pay 50% of your package a day after the first lesson, then the remaining balance payable month end.



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Levels Covered

Jan, 2019

Grade 3 - 12

Apex Focus
Covers all subjetcs.

Jan, 2019

GCSE Cambridge

Apex Focus
Covers subjetcs indicated in the subjects tab.

Jan, 2019

AS & A'LEVEL Cambridge

Apex Focus
Covers subjetcs indicated in the subjects tab.

Jan, 2019


Apex Focus
Covers subjetcs indicated in the subjects tab.